Feldman's Aquarium Maintenance Installs and Maintains Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums and Outdoor Ponds.

Contact Owner Jeff Feldman at 813•385•0394 for your appointment.
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Want to sit back and enjoy the beauty of your salt fish-tank while saving yourself the effort and headaches of maintaining it?

At Feldman's Aquarium Maintenance we specialize servicing all manners of systems and aquatic habitats. Allow us to take the labor out of keeping your salt water aquarium in pristine shape and working order, so that you may simply enjoy the fruits of our expertise!

Or, do you simply need a helping hand in revamping a system that has managed to get away from you?

Home Fish Tanks
Have a tank at home? Our residential service takes away all the fuss and leaves you with more time to enjoy it! Services performed during each visit include: Water changes, water testing, filtration materials, cosmetic work, algae work, decoration upkeep, dosing of all essential chemicals, and equipment maintenance.

Office or Business Fish Tanks
Is your aquarium located within your office or place of business? We offer the same services for businesses as well. Our service encompasses all of the residential services, while offering the added benefit of including food and livestock in a predictable price plan for businesses.

Owner Jeff Feldman
Jeff is a dependable professional that has many years of training in all things aquatic. He is punctual, presentable, and above all else-reputable. Give Jeff a call and stop worrying and begin enjoying your fresh water aquarium.

Click here to see the many varieties of Salt water fish

What Feldman's Aquarium Maintenance Experts offer…

•Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Maintenance for any size Freshwater or Saltwater aquariums in home or office

•Aquarium Packages and Custom Aquarium Design

•Aquarium Delivery, Installation, and Setup

•Aquarium Moving and Aquarium Relocating

•Emergency Services