Feldman's Aquarium Maintenance Installs and Maintains Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums and Outdoor Ponds in the Tampa Florida Vicinity.

Contact Owner Jeff Feldman at 813•685•0394 for an appointment to discuss your fish tank needs.


* A turnkey installation is complete and includes everything you need up front, including fish and other livestock. Feldman's Aquariums sells only complete systems which include all the equipment you will ever need and flat rate labor, usually without fish. However, upon request, we will quote turnkey systems which include either an initial fish stocking or a complete stocking of livestock introduced over time, in order to fix costs for a client. We typically only recommend this for commercial clients who want a very large aquarium.

We do not "lowball" our customers, a practice used by many stores to make a sale. In a "lowball" setup, the very basic necessities are sold to get an aquarium started so the total cost of ownership is hidden. Down the road, the "low-balled" customer discovers they must purchase more equipment as they add more fish or experience problems.