Feldman's Aquarium Maintenance Installs and Maintains Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums and Outdoor Ponds in the Tampa Florida Vicinity.

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* Many doctor's have fish tanks in their waiting rooms because aquariums help create a peaceful atmosphere so that the patients are less anxious and stay occupied while waiting for their appointment.

Ailing patients are better able to relax, focus and finish meals. They feel calmer and perform their routine tasks in a better way after viewing an aquarium.

Aquariums help the patients heal faster since they relieve stress, especially in a traumatic or post-operative case.

Expecting mothers feel more relaxed and relieved from hormonal depression. Their blood pressure also remains under control.

Cardiologists have been recommending heart patients to have aquariums in their office as well as home because they are associated with health benefits like lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, and controlled pulse rate.

Fish and aquatic animals are very good pets for mentally challenged children. In many cases it has been found that it accelerates their learning process and makes them feel more at ease.